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Chata na Klačanské MaguřeBerghütte auf Klacanska MaguraChata na Klaczanskiej Magurze

Chalet at Klačanská Magura

This chalet can be easily accessible if you set off along a green path. It is located close to Turcianska dolina (dell), but the 3,5 hour-long trip is quite difficult. The chalet is sought mainly for local down-hill courses and outstanding scenery view of environs. The place has a long checkered past but there is one sad event which worth mentioning, when the chalet was entirely burned out during the Second World War. But after the war the building was rebuilded again and about 1980 modernized into today´s appearance.

  Accommodation Vrátna
9 km
  Accommodation Starý Dvor
10 km
  Accommodation Wyszne Kamence
12 km